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Our main work since our formation has been the provision of various forms of consultancy services to Cyborg users. The following are typical of the sorts of projects we have undertaken:

  • Skills transfer consultancy - provision of a package of training courses, followed by regular days on site to provide ongoing support, assistance with problems as they arise and expertise to solve unusual or complex problems
  • CSL analysis and development - the amount of customisation required during implementation may not be cost or time effectively resourced from within your organisation. We can provide CSL skills which are highly competitive with Cyborg to solve these problems, whether they require 1 or 100 days
  • Assistance with bulletins and upgrades - we can provide staff experienced in the application of statutory and upgrade bulletins
  • Technical help - we have wide experience of Report Generator Language, Cyborg Assembler, CBSV Cobol modifications, data conversions and interfaces, Reporting Solution datamart extracts of custom data, performance management, operational and housekeeping issues
  • Project management - both with initial implementation and with subsequent major projects, be they simply involving Cyborg software, or multiple software packages, hardware and networking/communications
  • Support - any of the above services can be bundled together into a support package with a guaranteed service level, tailored to suit your specific requirements