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Please only install these programs if you are confident in the use of MAINTI, etc. Read the comments section in the CSL code before installing to ensure compatibility. As they are freeware, they are not supported or warrantied in any fashion, and you may re-distribute them so long as the copyright and warranty notices are intact.

Available for download are some CSL utilities which may prove useful! Firstly there are a FILE01 record statistics report and a FILE02 record statistics report (note that the latter works best with flat-file versions).

Here is a simple query to look for common forms of employee record corruption.

We also have available an improved version of the program to produce online performance statistics.

This is a screen to search online audit records (both ZI and ZZ) for entries for a particular user, employee, form, etc.

Finally, here is el code to control the proliferation of el reports and report schedules. This provides a new REPORT subroutine to collect, over time usage details for reports and schedules, and later report, and optionally export and delete those not used for more than a specified period.

We welcome feedback on these utilities, including suggestions for enhancements and bug reports, and will endeavour to answer any simple questions arising from their use. We will be delighted to provide more detailed assistance and advice at out normal consultancy rates.